Some thoughts from Sofi and Roxy about life at Mark's Garage!

Garage Update

by Jude Weddell 23/02/2017

Very important, pleaase read

Engine Flush & Transmission Flush Offer

by Jude Weddell 08/12/2016

Last year we bought an Automatic Transmission Flush machine, and that is where the trouble started....

It's Been a While, But Here's A Sofi Update

by Jude Weddell 07/12/2016

She is doing well

staff Needed

by Jude Weddell 07/12/2016

2x Mechanics and 1x Apprentice Required

Mechanic Wanted

by Jude Weddell 18/10/2016

We need an experienced mechanic

Little Sofi Update

by Jude Weddell 12/10/2016

Sofi is Back Home

Little Sofi

by Jude Weddell 10/10/2016

Sorry I have not been in touch for a while, but the humans have been a bit stressed of late, and I need Jude to take my dictation.


September challenge

by Jude Weddell 01/09/2016

Today is the beginning of the challenge for Anne Clark and I. We will be doing 10,000 steps every day for the month of September to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  Read my story to find out why this charity is so important to us and our family.  Why not sponsor one of us as a bit of encouragement

Thanks, and watch for updates

Disco 3 Remap

by Jude Weddell 17/08/2016

Stage 1 remap on a standard Disco 3. 

Its Hot, Damn Hot!

by Jude Weddell 16/08/2016

My little buddy Sofi doesn't like the heat, when we are out for our lunchtime walk she goes even slower, until we get to a shaded area, then she speeds up and gets all excited.  As soon as we hit the sun again she slows down.  All this means Jude takes us on a shorter walk than usual.  I suspect Mark doesn't like when it is hot either, he actually seems grumpier!!

Did I tell you Jude has a lovely lady helping her in the office now, we always had the grey haired lady (Caroline) on a Friday, but now we have Gail in the mornings Monday to Wednesday, which is great.  We already knew Gail, as we sometimes spend our holidays with her and her family, which includes other humans, dogs and some horses.  

Despite having Gail in the office we don't seem to be getting any extra cuddles, both her and Gail claim to be too busy. Occasionally, they will let customer into the office while they are waiting on their cars.  This happened the other day when an older chap and his 3 young grandchildren were at the garage.  Two of the children came and sat in the office with Sofi and I, so each of us got many many cuddles, and Jude let them give us a treat each.  Apparently the other child was nervous around dogs and didn't want to come near us.  A bit of persuasion from his grandad and a winning smile from me persuaded him to come in and pat Sofi and I.  I like to think we have eased his fears about dogs, probably more me than Sofi.

Going go curl up while I think of other uses for my therapy skills.