Engine Flush & Transmission Flush Offer

by Jude Weddell 08/12/2016

.. In October 2015 we spent several thousand pounds on a machine which we were promised would flush automatic transmission boxes, added to the life span of your automatic transmission.  All the blurb and promises sounded fantastic, unfortunately the reality was a completely different experience.  In the 12 months we had it, it was repaired and replaced several times.  In fact it was out of commission for at least half of the 12 months we had it.  Eventually, last month it was returned for good, all we are waiting for now is the refund, I expect that will be abother 12 months.

Undeterred, we have decided to enter this area again and have now invested in 2 machines which should complement each other nicely:

  1. http://www.aecgroup.net/product/transmission/    This is another automatic transmission flush machine.  Normally with a automatic transmission service, the oil is drained via the drain hole.  As the drain hole is not at the very bottom of the transmission, not all the oil is completely drained, meaning that any contaminents in the tranmission could be left behind, and continue to circulate causing possible damage.  Using this machine sucks all the old oil from the transmission, pushes through a flush, followed by a conditioner.  By doing this the life span of your automatic transmission should be extended and smoothing the gear change.
  2. http://www.aecgroup.net/product/engine-flush/  This machine gives your engine a thorough flush and clean, resulting in better running and fuel economy.  Maybe not something your would get done every year, but would be good to get it done once every 2nd or 3rd service.  I did take a video of this being demonstrated on one of our Land Rovers, but is it very poor quality camerawomanship and the video on the link is much better.  Suffice to say, Mark liked it enough to order one(and we all know how difficult it is to please him!)

To get a transmission flush or an engine flush would normally cost £100 + VAT each.  From now until February 1st we are offering both for £175 + VAT, just quote WEBOFFER1 when making the booking.